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After Sell Sevice Commitment(for Agent)

Thank you for purchasing and using Shenzhen CYTech Development Co.,Ltd.products, in order to offer you better service, get better communications with you,we hereby draw up this after sell service commitment. This commitment only applicable for those products which produced and sold by Shenzhen CYTech Development Co.,Ltd., also applicable for those products which sold by our authorized agent. Please note, those products bought by on other companies’behalf are not applicable for this commitment. Our authorized agent also do not subject to this commitment.

Firstly, Warranty:

All products purchased from our company are guaranteed for one year, rely on the warranty paper come with the packing box or the warranty lable on the back of products.

  1. For any problems after checked by our technician, if caused by quality defects, you could send product back, after confirmed is in deed quality defects, we will be charged all freight fee.
  2. If is not quality problem, we will be only charged the freight fee for returnning product to you.
  3. If customer send any product back without our technician or sales confirmation, we do not charge any freight fee.
Secondly, Maintenance:
All of our products enjoyed maintenance lifelong service for free, any spare parts need to replace during repairing, we only take the spare parts cost.The customer will be charged all freight fee.

Thirdly, Replacement:

The new product with defects enjoyed three months replacement. Please send defective product back to us by post office or Express, after we received and checked there is no problem of your returned products, then we will send new product as soon as possible. Our company will be charged the freight fee for sending to you.
Each product have tested strictly and seriously before delivery, thus seldom new product with defects,please refer to our manual or consult our technician before operating,our technician will help you online. If you want to send it back, please wait until our technician checked and confirmed it as quality problem, to save the time and freight charges.

Special notes for replacement:

  1. Please make sure the product with good package to avoid damages on delivery.
  2. For any returned items that are incomplete (e.g., appearance was damaged, without the original accessories, components or free gifts), or the original packages of any such items are broken or lost, replacement will not be applicable.
  3. Damage caused by customer such as maloperation, incorrect installation or misapplication, (Generally, including: the power adapter wrongly connecting caused the device has damaged, carelessly using caused the thrum broken or dropped, wrongly operating caused the device could not working well etc.), we shall not be charged the freigth fee.

Fourthly, Nondefective replacement:

If you do not satisfy with the received product appearance or performance, it is available for you applying the replacement within one week. Under this case, please return product after we have verified. After we confirmed your returned product without any appearance damages and quality problem, still in good packing, you could replace other products of equal valued. If there is price difference, it should be charged by the customer for excessive part, the price difference will not be refundable. The replaced product will no longer enjoy the nondefective replacement service. And you will be responsible for all freight charges and other fees brought from the replacement.

Fifthly, Refundment :

Our company provide refunding service for any quality problems in 7 days. If you find any quality problems within 7 days after the item was received ( accordance with the delivery company receipt date), please contact our sales or technician immediately. After we confirmed is quality problem, please send back the complete product with accessories, the packing bag or box inside outside, and the invoice. Our company will refund your amount after we confirmed the returned products without any problems, all freight charges and any other fees brought will be charged by the customer.
  1. We shall refund the purchase price through postal remittance of China Post or bank transfer, please attach the paper with your Bank Accountrmation with package, the complete bank name and account ( should be the beneficiary account), must have your signature to avoid any problems caused by any incorrect written after we refund. Freight charges for the returned goods are not refundable.
  2. The product must in brand-new and complete packing, please send by Express.
    For any returned items that are incomplete (e.g., appearance was damaged, without the original accessories, components or free gifts), or the original packages of any such items are broken or lost, refundment will not be applicable.
The following items are out of our free warranty, maintenance and replacement, refund range, even the product is in warranty period, our company will take corresponding repairing fee from you.
  1. Above items are applicable under normal operation, non-human damages, such as artificial broken, equipments in watering etc.;
  2. The damages caused by improper using in breach of Product Manuals;
  3. The damages caused by unauthorized disassembly and refitment;
  4. The damages owing to misuse and maintenance;
  5. The product information is incomplete, such as the friable paper, date paper was torn or altered;
  6. Other problems or damages caused by misuse ( the power supply not working or the quality of power adapter );
  7. The damages caused by force majeure ( such as: fire, earthquake, lightning strik,water calamity etc.).